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Direct Investments

We will raise funds opportunistically for select investments, at various stages of company development.



We advise key stakeholders looking for liquidity in the private markets. Private companies, executives, investors and other shareholders are well positioned to benefit from the highly specialized secondary liquidity solutions we offer.



We extend a wide range of additional services on a select basis, including, lower to mid-market mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance advisory, limited partner relationship sourcing, consulting and more.

The Team

s.l. tAYLOR

Managing Partner


Taylor has 10 years of experience as an investment banker and an operator at tech companies, having worked at both UBS Investment Bank and Raymond James Financial.


Additionally, Taylor has served as a founding employee at a SaaS company backed by Y-combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, and NEA and led the Account Management division within the company. Prior to this experience, Taylor worked in marketing / business development and as interim Chief of Staff to the CEO of a leading ad tech startup acquired by Acxiom for $300mm.


Taylor completed a B.A. in Sociology & Economics from Wellesley College.


Advisor, Managing Partner at Archer V.C.


Prior to founding Archer, Greg was a partner with Redpoint Ventures, a firm he joined in 1999. Previously, Greg was with Brentwood Venture Capital in Los Angeles.


Greg focuses on early and growth stage technology opportunities and has led investments in consumer internet, social media, mobile applications, cloud computing, business services, advertising technology and communications companies.


He is currently a Director/observer of Leadpoint, Wedgebuster, Sovrn, Alacra, QMerit and Impact Radius. Greg is also co-founder and Chairman of BetheBeast, and an advisor to Swoop, Zerolag, and ConsumerDirect.



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SPRY welcomes Asian investors. We have a strong network based in Hong Kong, responsible for clients coverage in Singapore, Shanghai, and the U.S.
If you are based in Asia and would like to know more about Spry's services, please contact asia@spryvc.com.

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